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Cullen Skink Recipe

This soup is one of my favourite soups ever. The combination of smoked haddock in a light broth of milk, leek and potato works wonderfully well. It can be eaten as a light starter or as a more filling main course. The only problem with it as a starter is that it’s never enough!

Smoked haddock is particularly tasty although the king of this fish, with its extremely smoky but balanced flavour, is the delicious Arbroath smokies. I suggest trying Arbroath smokies as I personally believe that they are a truly delicious product with a unique flavour. The most important thing when buying smoked haddock is to use natural smoked haddock and not the dyed artificial stuff that some places try to sell you. The flavour is far superior.

1kg leeks
200g onions
250g potatoes
150g unsalted butter
700ml water
1l milk
2kg smoked haddock
5 bay leaves
Bouquet garni (thyme, parsley and celery)
100ml double cream
Lemon juice
Salt and cayenne pepper


To garnish

To finish